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Features that are not bugs

Features that are not bugs

Agent PavelTechnical Support
Nov 1, 2017, 11:0111/01/17

Features that are not bugs

Some game features are often mistakenly perceived by players as malfunctions. So that you don’t waste time reporting bugs that are simply regular parts of the game, we have created this section that will list some of the most common misconceptions.

We also advise looking the Game Guide in our Knowledge Base: click. There you can find the explanation to most of the game features.

  • According to my Clan Hall statistics, I have troops missing 

This is normal. Discrepancies occur because Clan Hall statistics are only updated once every 3 hours. Recent Battles and acquisitions will not be included, and recently expired bonuses may not be factored into your total. Statistics may also change depending on which items are active, and on whether your Fireborn Status is active. 

  • My battle results are wrong 

The outcome of each battle is calculated on the game server. Many factors are taken into consideration during this process. 

  • My Units came back without battling anyone 

It is possible that, in some situations, your Units will reach a destination where no battle can take place. You can find a more detailed explanation here: click

  • My Units went to the wrong target 

This is usually the result of human error. You should always double check whether the target you are sending Units to is the Map location you actually wish to engage. Read more here: click

  • My raid was successful, but my Units did not bring back any Resources 

Certain restrictions are applied to Raids. You may only gain a certain amount Resources each day from other players. This limit includes both Resources gained from successful Raids and those sent to you willfully by allies. This maximum is a net figure, meaning that if another Lord raids Resources from you, these are deducted from your net gain. Read more here: click

  • I did not receive my Tournament Reward 

This usually happens because you have not accrued enough points or met all the conditions to receive a Tournament Reward. Read more here: click

  • I did not receive a Clan Mission Reward 

Reward packs are issued to all League members, regardless of their contribution to the mission. However, there are some situations in which you will not receive a Reward. Read more here: click

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