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FlyingDutchMen is starting  Fresh, Looking for Active members !!!!!

FlyingDutchMen is starting Fresh, Looking for Active members !!!!!

Apr 27, 2019, 09:4404/27/19

FlyingDutchMen is starting Fresh, Looking for Active members !!!!!

We are a social clan with a lot of humor and fun, and we love a game of fight We learn every day and grow every day.

Together we are a team that supported each other and helps, We have members from all over the world, men, women, and of all ages We speak English, German, Dutch, and active with events. and we love Ale:)))

We dont want deffence eating Oblisks, dont want Naps , we deffend the helpless  and fight the (Big) Clans :-P

so come to us and together we are stronger, and let's be real heroes of the Nords and Hail for our brothers and sisters.

a proud clan Chieff!

FlyingDutchMen/Woman Forever  .....

Apr 27, 2019, 14:3704/27/19

FD ist ein aktiver Internationaler mehrsprachiger ( Chat Englisch ) Clan erfahrener und kampfgestählter Spieler.

Du suchst dein Abenteuer auf den Schlachtfeldern ? Wir haben eine Gruppe aktiver Schlachtfeldspieler !

Du suchst lieber aktives PvP, wir haben keine Nichtangriffspakts oder ähnliche Verpflichtungen , schlage jeden den du willst wie hart du willst.

Du bist es leid nur für Obelisken deine Einheiten zurückzuhalten oder andauernd gesagt zu bekommen was du im Spiel zu tun und lassen hast . Wir auch ! Wir haben keine Obelisken und jeder kann mit seinen Einheiten tun und lassen was er will .

Allerdings eine Regel haben wir . Sei aktiv im Spiel das heißt :

- mache bei Clanevents zu mindestens deine minimalen " Belohnungspunkte " .

- einmal täglich solltest du schon in das spiel schauen .

- hab spaß daran Events zu spielen .

FD is an active international multilingual (chat English) clan seasoned and battle-hardened Player.

Are you looking for your adventure on the battlefields? We have a group of active battlefield players!

You prefer to seek active PvP, we have no non-aggression pacts or similar obligations, beat everyone you want how hard you want.

You're just tired of obelisks holding back your units or being constantly told what you do and do in the game. We also ! We have no obelisks and everyone can do with his units and leave what he wants.

However, we have one rule. Be active in the game that is:

- Make at Clanevents at least your minimum "reward points".

- Once a day you should already look into the game. - have fun playing events.