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Storm Riders and Storm Bringers is RECRUITING!!

Storm Riders and Storm Bringers is RECRUITING!!

Dec 22, 2018, 09:5412/22/18

Storm Riders and Storm Bringers is RECRUITING!!

We have three clans to choose from depending on your play style:

Storm Riders (SRS): We are mainly an obelisk clan but also have many members with HUGE armies. If you like a bit of OB drama, elixers and playing in an elite clan which supports each other, then SRS is your place to be. We ask that you have at least 6 million DEF and be level 80+ as a minimum entry requirement. All members enjoy +5% OFF and DEF bonus! and SRS places very well in most pvp tourneys and we usually get full multipliers on BG and OB tourneys -- anyone paying attention to our many feasts will have noticed that 80% of the top 100 OFF rankings were SRS/SBG players - we work as a team!

Storm Bringers (SBG): Our second clan is mostly OFF and with a mandate to limit OBs to between 3-5 at most. SBG has climbed up the ranks over the past few months from 22nd place to 8th place! If you like hitting stuff and making it go BOOM, then consider SBG. We ask that you have at least 3 million OFF/DEF to join and a minimum level of 60+ -- as with SRS, all members get a full 5% OFF and DEF bonus to all troops just for being part of our clan. SBG also places in top 3 for most tourneys and works as a team!

Storm Chasers (SCH): Our third clan is still newer and growing but its a great place to start! Storm Chasers has NO troop or level requirements. All that we ask is that you log in once every 3 days, respect our rules and fellow players and of course, HAVE FUN!

Please msg Storm Ruler and we will find a place for you in the storm family of clans!