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Working with your feedback and suggestions in Discord

Working with your feedback and suggestions in Discord

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
Feb 3, 2021, 12:0602/03/21

Working with your feedback and suggestions in Discord

Hello all! 

Pilots, we surely realize how important it is to keep collecting your feedback, suggestions, recommendations on how the game could be improved, as we are making it for you and our ultimate goal is to make Mech Arena as beautiful and enjoyable for playing as possible.  

That is why we would like to adjust the process of collecting and processing to make it more efficient. We get a lot of posts in this section every day, but we can't reply to all of them in a timely manner, unfortunately, because there is still a discrepancy in the numbers of the posts and the people that work with them. So we decided to keep all suggestions in one channel on our official Discord server:

Please feel free to leave your suggestion in any channel on the server by using this simple command !suggest

NB! Make sure that your suggestion is succinct and precise so that it's easier for our moderators to work with them. Before posting, make sure that you have scrolled up and checked out at least some of the suggestions made previously not to repeat those. Our moderators will be collecting and filtering these suggestions on a constant basis. We will then be forwarding them to our game designers for further consideration and possible implementation. 

Also, please feel free to use our channel #suggestions-discussion in the suggestions section to discuss your thoughts with other players. We do apologize for the possible inconveniences that this change may bring, however, this step is needed for making the process of working with your requests much more efficient. 

Have great battles!

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