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RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.24.01

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.24.01

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
Jul 15, 2021, 09:0807/15/21

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.24.01

Hey, Pilots! 
Are you ready to see what Update 1.24 has in store? There’s quite a bit: a new type of Events, an awesome new Mech called Arachnos (which anyone can claim!), Weekly Objectives for some extra challenge, and other minor improvements. Check out the Patch Notes to learn more.

Derby Events

New Events are available in Mech Arena! Each Derby Event has a list of objectives that are further divided into several parts - the game opens them one after another as you complete objectives and earn Event Points. Earning these Points fills the progress bar and unlocks new rewards.

To participate in the Derby, you need to reach a set milestone on the Progress Path (10 000 XP for existing players, 350 XP for new players). After that, you can access it by tapping the Events icon in your Hangar.

Derby Events will sometimes offer unique content. For example, the first one will have the new Arachnos Mech as the final reward!



New Mech: Arachnos

 What is Arachnos, you may ask? It’s a brand-new Rare Mech that you can win in the first Derby Event. Though slower and not as tough as some of its peers, Arachnos has a high enough Energy Capacity to carry the heaviest guns in Mech Arena and a unique Spider Turret Ability.

It allows Arachnos to drop a stand-alone turret; when an enemy enters its area of effect (30m), the turret activates and starts shooting at the closest enemy Mech. It stays active for 10 seconds before self-destructing, but will remain in hibernation for as long as its ‘parent’ Arachnos remains active on the battlefield. Or until it activates the Ability again, as there can be only one turret at a time. The cooldown of the Spider Turret Ability is 22 seconds.

Arachnos will only be available as the main reward of the first Derby Event, and we have no plans to add it to the Progress Path for now - so don’t miss this opportunity. And keep an eye on our social media, as we’ll be releasing a full Mech Spotlight to explain how Arachnos works!


Weekly Objectives

Weekly Objectives are another new type of Events that we’ve introduced to Mech Arena with Update 1.24. Much like the Daily Event, it will comprise a set of specific objectives you need to complete to claim all associated rewards. Unlike the Daily Event, Weekly Objectives do not have a time limit and will reset upon completion - keep in mind that neither the objectives themselves nor the prizes will change.

You need to reach 150 XP on the Progress Path to unlock Weekly Objectives.



  • We’ve added an option to open 10 Crates at once.
  • Two of the maps were renamed: Old Dubai is now called Paradise Plaza, and Neo Hokkaido has become the Forbidden City.
  • Progress Path rewards are claimed automatically upon reaching the required milestone now. Furthermore, Deathmatch 5v5 and 2v2 now require less XP to unlock (1000 and 1400 XP, respectively).
  • We’ve added some new sounds and voice-over effects to the game.
  • News scroller has been improved and should be more convenient now.
  • Optimized the Resource panel: Blueprints were moved to the Mech info tab, Keys were removed from the Battle Mode selection screen, Tournament Tickets are no longer visible in the Hangar window.
  • Ranking Points are now visible in the Battle results.

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