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1.23.01 Patch Notes

1.23.01 Patch Notes

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
Jun 7, 2021, 10:3106/07/21

1.23.01 Patch Notes

Greetings, Pilots! 

Update 1.23 is now live! It brings the long-awaited Custom Match mode, an in-game FAQ section, and many other smaller features. Take a moment to read through the Release Notes and see what’s new.

Custom Match

Custom Match is a new game mode that gives you more control over your battles than ever before. You need the following prerequisites to unlock this feature: 

- Reach 12,800 XP in the Progress Path and Division 10 to unlock the ability to create Custom Match Rooms.

- Reach Division 10 to become eligible for Room ID invites.

- Be on the host’s Friends List to be invited.

After that, you can create a new Room and send out invites by providing the Room’s ID or using your friends list. Gather up to 10 players and set up a match to your taste: choose any game mode you like, select a map, add bots, or even play with uneven teams. 

That way, you can organize an awesome battle to stream on Twitch or YouTube, come up with your own tournament or challenge to play with your friends, settle old rivalries, train together - whatever else you can come up with.

Keep in mind that Custom Match battles won’t provide any Points or Crates for winning, nor count towards Events, Daily Challenges, Achievements, Experience, etc.

Random Reward in Progress Path

Reaching the end of the Progress Path will no longer make XP gained in Battles obsolete. Now there is a set milestone at the end, and you’ll get a randomized reward every time you gather enough experience to reach it.

In-game Terminology update

In preparation for the global launch of Mech Arena, we’ve simplified and improved the language we use in the game and streamlined many previously confusing terms. Please check out our social media post if you want to see a comprehensive list of changes!

Knowledge Base (FAQ)

We’ve also added a FAQ section into the game, so you no longer have to go through the hoops of opening a website on the side. Here, you’ll find definitive info about core gameplay, troubleshooting, tips, bug reports - everything rolled into one useful feature!


  • We’ve streamlined the sorting order of Weapons and Mechs in the Inventory to make the Progress Path clearer.
  • Deathmatch 2x2 maps now come with rain effects.
  • Some maps have undergone a visual redesign, though these are only aesthetic changes, and gameplay will not be affected.
  • The “Last Battle” button on the Recommended friends list will no longer be displayed for players with whom you played 20 or more battles ago.
  • You can view info on your friends’ limits in the Friends tab - just find the “i” button.
  • Sign in with Google Play is now available. Connect your account and save your game progress!