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RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.17.01

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.17.01

Aug 13, 2020, 13:0308/13/20

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.17.01

Greetings, Pilots! Update 1.17.01 for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is now live! This update makes playing with friends even better and improves your overall game experience. Check the Release Notes for more details!

Referral program with an External Link Invitation

Expand your Friends List by using the Share Link feature. Players who reach Division 10 or higher can invite their social media contacts to the game via a special link that Mech Arena generates.

Bringing new players in will get you A-Coins! This reward will be granted every time your referred friend progresses and passes into a higher Division. So get your most trusty comrades and take Mech Arena by storm!

Sound Effects

New voice cues were added to the game!

No longer do you need to be distracted by keeping track of your ammunition - the Pilot will announce the need to reload via voice prompts. These won’t be heard by your opponents, but your teammates will know when you’ve dropped to critical HP or killed an enemy. This strategic insight should prove useful in leading your Mechs to victory!


  • Slight changes in appearance of some Skins
  • Several small UI improvements
  • Varied animation for Key Crates
  • Bugs affecting Skins,Paintjobs and the display of Mechs in the Hangar were fixed
  • Fixed a bug that had the in-game Friends limit affected by the number of Facebook friends
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the crosshairs from centering properly after eliminating an enemy Mech
  • Red Laser Beam Light 2 displays correct weapon parameters now

Other minor fixes have been implemented as well.

We hope that you and your friends enjoy new features! Stay tuned for future updates ;)

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