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RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.16.01

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.16.01

Jul 27, 2020, 12:4507/27/20

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.16.01

Greetings, Pilots! Update 1.16.01 for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is now live! This update contains awesome features that will enhance your gaming experience. Check the Release Notes out and keep yourself up to date!

Mech Skins

Once you reach Division 9, Mech Skins become available. Now you’ll be able to upgrade Mech Chassis designs with new appealing patterns, bright colors, and vivid geometry. Even though they do not affect the stats of your Mechs, they allow for offbeat self-expression.

Mech Skins are divided into the following categories:

  • Skins. These modify design elements, shape, or textures of the Mech.  
  • Paint Jobs. Primary Paint Jobs change the color of major Chassis elements, Secondary Paint Jobs do the same for smaller elements. And yes, both can be implemented simultaneously, which is a great opportunity to get a unique appearance for your Mech!

Each Mech has its own list of available Skins and Paint Jobs, which are divided into several rarities: Rare, Exotic, and Prototype. All of them contain a unique design and custom textures, letting you stand out from the crowd!

Mech Skins Availability

Mech Skins can be found in new crates — Fortune Vaults.

Vaults can be opened with special items - Keys - won in Tournament battles or purchased from the Shop. When opened, each Vault has a chance to drop Mech Skins among other rewards.

But that’s not all! A new Loot Rush event will be available as well, featuring even more rewards and battles! Opening Fortune Vaults during the Loot Rush event gives Marks. Earning enough Marks will provide specific rewards, including A-coins, Credirts and even an awesome Mech Skin!

New Map - Elon Station Gray

An awesome Mech Arena map, now IN SPACE! This station is an important energy extraction hub, ideal for long-range sniper combat over critical control areas in the center. Find good fighting positions and try to hold them! Take the base, give your fans a good fight, and show them just how hostile takeovers can be here on the Moon.

The new map will replace the current Mesa Verde Facility map.


  • A number of small localization issue have been fixed
  • Minor improvements to Tournament and Battle UI
  • Fixed a bug that disabled movement sound effects for Killshot and MD
  • Fixed a bug that displayed Mech and Weapon stats (progress bars) incorrectly

Other minor fixes and improvements have been implemented as well.

That’s it for now! Check out the new features and prepare yourself for much more meaningful adjustments and tweaks in future updates ;)