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RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.10

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.10

Oct 8, 2019, 11:5610/08/19

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.10

Greetings, Pilots! Update 1.10 is now live and it brings a number of QoL improvements. Check out the patch notes below to learn more:

Weapons and Chassis Upgrade

Upgrade Mechanics

From now on, you no longer need to upgrade every Weapon or Chassis in your Hangar. Instead, upgrades that are purchased for a specific Weapon or Chassis will automatically apply to all other items of the same type.

For example. You have two BR-15 Shredders in your Inventory, and where before you would have to pay for upgrading each one separately, now upgrading BR-15 Shredder #1 to Level 3 will automatically increase the level of BR-15 Shredder #2 to the same value.

Additionally, Weapon and Chassis now have Stages, ranging from Mk I to Mk VI, each Stage has 7 levels in them. You must upgrade the item to the maximum level for its current Stage to progress to the next one. Upgrading the Stage comes at a separate cost. For several levels afterwards, upgrading the item will be cheaper than the final levels of the previous Stage.

For example. Our BR-15 Shredder starts out as Mk I. It needs to be upgraded to level 7 in order to progress to Mk II, then go through levels 8 - 14 to reach Mk III, and so on.

Weapons and Chassis have Grades: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exotic, Prototype. Items of higher Grades start off from higher Stages:

  • Common - Mk I
  • Uncommon - Mk II
  • Rare - Mk III
  • Exotic - Mk VI
  • Prototype - Mk V

Important note. Current players will have the levels of their Weapons and Chassis adjusted in the wake of this change, and this is how it will happen. The game will take the levels of each Weapon or Chassis of the same type you have and calculate their overall upgrade cost. Once that is done, it will set the current level of this Weapon or Chassis type to the Level which is closest to the cost you’ve already paid on overall upgrades to those items.

Miscellaneous Changes

Weapon Parameter tab has been adjusted

New Weapon/Chassis traits have been added

The number of Blueprints available in the Shop has been decreased in accordance with the Upgrade Mechanics changes

Balance Changes

Mech health points will be calculated differently now. Where prior to Update 1.10 they were in the hundreds of thousands (186 000 HP, for example), now they will be decreased to tens of thousands (the Chassis from our previous example will have 18 600 HP).

In turn, weapon damage has been decreased across the board, proportionally to the decreased Chassis HP. You won’t notice the difference in Battle, but you will see that difference in the Weapon and Chassis Parameters.


  • New Ability: Stasis Barrier [Panther Mech]. Acts as a shield to block projectiles and freezes enemy Mechs that pass through it in place
  • New Ability: System Crash [Guardian Mech]. Enemies that are affected by System Crash have their own Abilities reset, their effects disabled, and their weapons go on reload
  • Bots no longer completely ignore Mechs with an active Stealth (former ECM) Ability. Instead, they will fire upon them with dramatically decreased accuracy
  • Ability icon on the UI will flash brighter once the cooldown is over, making it easier to notice
  • ECM [Shadow Mech] has been renamed Stealth
  • Shield [Ares Mech] has been renamed Wide Shield

New Packs

Unique new Upgrade Packs will be available. Once you obtain Weapons or Chassis of the Uncommon Grade or higher, you will be able to purchase a special Upgrade Pack with a discount. This pack contains enough Blueprints and Credits to upgrade the item a few levels further.


  • When outfitting your Mech you now can sort Weapons and Chassis by Energy consumption
  • A new filter has been added to the Inventory - Equipped/Unequipped Status
  • A series of minor optimizations have been implemented to make the Battle run smoother