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Release Notes: Update 1.08.01

Release Notes: Update 1.08.01

Jul 22, 2019, 15:3507/22/19

Release Notes: Update 1.08.01

Greeting, pilots! Update 1.08.01 brings a number of minor yet cool changes. Check them out:


Daily Challenges Changes

Daily Challenge completion requirements have been simplified. Getting them all done is even faster now!

M.D. Healing Speed Changes

M.D’s healing has been separated into two values: self-heal and team heal. M.D. heals teammates twice as fast as it heals itself.

Discord Server

We’ve created an official Discord Server to complement our Forums and the Facebook group! It should be ideal for chatting with your fellow pilots, sharing tips, experience, and triumphs.

  • Follow us to keep up to date with the latest updates
  • Find essential game resources
  • Discover the best way to use your Mechs and Weapons
  • See official videos and share your fan art
  • Chat with other players and build a community
  • The welcome channel contains all the information you need to stay updated.

Tap on the Discord button below or join our Discord server via the link in your Profile.

Miscellaneous Changes and Bugfix

You will be able to see your teammate’s HP bar and nickname (displayed over their Mech) if they use the ECM ability. These cannot be seen by enemies

Shadow’s vertical aim now works properly when its ECM ability is in use

That’s it for now! Get used to the new features and prepare yourself for much more significant changes in further updates ;)