Why does the Peace Shield disappear?

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In the North, you need to always be on your guard. Here, you can be dealt a crushing blow even when you're sure you're safe. For example, you think that your Town is invincible thanks to the Peace Treaty (Peace Shield), but suddenly your enemy plunders all your resources. How can such a thing be possible? 

There's always an explanation

The Peace Treaty is the boost that activates the Peace Shield, which protects your Town from attacks for a certain amount of time. The Shield drops in two cases:

1. When the Peace Treaty expires. You can check how long it will be active in the Boosts window. To apply a new boost, you don't need to wait until the previous one expires – the duration of items is added together.

2. When you attack other Jarls and create an Onslaught or join one. Remember about your Town's defense when you go on these marches.

There are no other ways to cancel the Peace Treaty. Vikings cannot remove someone else's Shield! 

What should I do to prevent my Shield from disappearing?

The answer is simple: pay more attention to it!

- Regularly check the time that remains until the Peace Treaty expires.

- Read all the alerts you receive when starting an attack.

- If you know that you won't be able to enter the game for some time, activate a Shield that will cover your absence.

Follow these rules and your Town will always be safe. But remember: only those who prove themselves in battle have the right to feast with Odin!

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