We value your opinion

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Fighting tirelessly, fortifying your Towns, and diving into the art of diplomacy, you Jarls know better than anyone what is best for a true Viking.

We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, opinions, and constructive suggestions with us, as well as taking part in all the activities of our community.

For example, it was you who chose the name for one of our global Competitions. We could have the "Battle of the Four" or even "Ragnarok: the Beginning" in the North now, but as a result of voting in our official communities, you brought the Kingdoms Battle: Fury to the world of Vikings.

You've also made many useful suggestions for improving the Clans Battle. Based on these, we have updated the task categories so that the Competition is now more battle-oriented, and we have changed the number of points earned for yielding resources and hunting Invaders and Ghosts. 

Thank you all for your clever insight and generous spirit! We believe that only united can we make Vikings: War of Clans even more captivating.

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