What do Vikings like?

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Large-scale battles, Competitions, victories... and, of course, socializing and having fun in our social networks!

In between military marches, Jarls usually visit the Vikings: War of Clans community on Facebook. There you can always find the news of the North, participate in giveaways, find allies, and kick back and just have fun. We've already written about some events in the community. Today we will remember the posts our players especially liked.

Horoscope of the gods

We started 2020 with a unique horoscope. We told people who their patron Scandinavian god was and how this affects a person's fate. For example, people born under the sign of Thor are famous for their physical strength and diligence. They are practical and enjoy organizing things in their everyday life. If you want to find out who your patron god is, read the post in the community.

Loki's labyrinth

What could be in the center of the labyrinth? Of course, a coffer of gold! Although it's no easy task to find the right path to the treasure, many Jarls managed to do it. How much time will it take you?

Guru of shadows

A true warlord knows all their warriors well, especially the best ones. We asked Vikings to find the right shadow for a Shadow, a tier VII scout. Try it yourself, this engaging riddle won't take much time.

Mathematics of Vikings

A wise Jarl must keep count of their resources and troops. Players got the chance to train their minds with the following task: three stars added together equals 75, one star plus two charms equals 33, if you multiply a charm by a locket, you get 24. What result will you get if you multiple a locket by a charm and subtract that from a star? At first glance it looks simple, but only the cleverest Jarls will find the right answer.

The main Viking on the road

Imagine a Viking galloping on a horse along a country road. Clad in battle-worn armor, bearing spoils from the latest march. Even from a distance, you can tell that a great warrior is approaching. In the 21st century, you can achieve a similar effect by using a bright Vikings: War of Clans sticker on the rear windscreen of a car, like one of our players did.

A holiday for shieldmaidens

This year Jarls were especially generous in the warm wishes they sent to the ladies of the Vikings community. In the celebratory post, we asked Vikings to complete the phrase "The girls in my Clan are the most..." and we received so many wonderful comments!

A good Viking is a merry Viking

Jarls may fight ruthlessly in the North and fiercely argue in the comments under posts, but all this stops when memes appear. These funny pictures with short captions remind people of awkward situations that everyone can relate to. The most discussed jokes were those about the Kingdoms Battle: Fury ruining plans for healthy sleep, how many people change after Competitions in Jotunheim, and how you feel when you end up in a Russian-speaking Clan.

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