Update! Major improvements in the Viking world

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Visit the Bank and get a reward

Now the Bank has 4 tabs: Special, Packages, Subscriptions, and Gold. In the Subscriptions tab, you can claim a daily reward for entering the Bank. You can also sign up to a subscription and receive items, resources, or Gold for a certain period of time.

Upgrade the Hero

Now your Hero can become even more powerful. To upgrade the Hero between level 61 and 70, you will need special items – Hero's Keys. You can purchase them in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points. Also, you have a chance to get a Hero's Coffret containing Hero's Keys. For this, you need to attack Uber Invaders and Monsters of Jotunheim or yield resources in level 8 and 9 Gifts of the Gods bonus locations. You can also find Hero's Keys as part of some Bank offers.

Receive more rewards

Now the value of the reward for loyalty increases every day for 30 days.

Craft Shamans' equipment

In the Forge, you can now craft new pieces of equipment for the Shamans: 3 packs of 5 pieces of equipment. With their help, you can enhance ranged troops, cavalry, or killers.

You can learn about all of the improvements in our forum. And let Odin himself light your way to the pinnacle of power!

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