The North shows no mercy


Battle is the Viking's natural element. Hands may be numb with fatigue, faces may be pouring with blood and sweat, but the victorious cries of "Skål!" are as loud as ever in the Konung's mead hall.

Of course, you are all too familiar with the harsh life of the North. You have faced far too many hardships and losses. However, the gods have something in store for you.

The time of unquenchable power has come

In the Infirmary, you can heal those who were wounded in your Town and resurrect those who perished on marches. It's much easier to maintain your troop numbers with the new boosts:

● Will to Live will help to heal 10% and 20% of warriors wounded outside the Town (the item duration is 30 minutes).

● Infirmary Expander will allow you to expand the capacity of all Infirmaries in the Town by 100% and 200% (the item duration is 30 minutes and 1 hour respectively).

Activate them before the very start of a battle to reduce your losses.

During Competitions, you will find these bonuses in the Events window. Save more warriors, restore your army faster, and show no mercy to enemies.

Don't count your losses — hurry to fight

On distant, hard marches, you and your warriors yield resources and find the glory of victory or the shame of defeat in cruel onslaughts and sieges. The North is your home, your fate, and your freedom. So live life to the fullest and fight each time as if it is the last!