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A Viking's life is a series of highs and lows. But when the soul yearns for battle, the warrior's weapon finds its mark.

Big victories – big trophies

Battles in the Clans Battle are just got even better. Now all tasks are divided into seven categories, and to overcome your opponent, your Clan needs to have the most points in most categories. In addition, personal achievements and Legendary checkpoints have been added to the Competition. Prepare for great deeds, since the more points your Clan earns, the more valuable the reward will be.

New appearance of your Town

What Viking doesn't want to show off their domain in all its glory? With the help of new Skins, you will be able to change your Town's appearance, as well as receive extra bonuses that are constantly active. You can find out more how to unlock and upgrade Skins in the Skins tab of the Palace.

At your fingertips

Now it's even more comfortable to rule your Town in the browser version of the game. You can use the following hotkeys for quick access to various windows:
- A — Aesir tab in the Sanctuary of the Aesir
- J — Profile tab in the Palace
- K — Marches tab in the Shrine of Odin
- U — News
- Ctrl+M — Mini-map

Instant help

Speed up processes in the Towns of your clanmates with a single hit on the "Help clanmates" icon on the Global Map. But remember: if you have active marches and Onslaughts, it will not be displayed.

Every Viking knows that true glory is not a whim of flighty fortune. Here, in the North, fate gives generous rewards only to those who forge their path to might with weapons in their hands.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Collect 400+ Champions & Fight For Glory

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