Legends coming to life? Challenge accepted!


Ouroboros is still eating its own tail, Loki is trying to steal Thor's hammer, and Fenrir is begging for a fresh bone for lunch. The gods' abode is always the same, but the Viking world is improving constantly:


The terrified people of the Kingdom are gossiping under their breath about the appearance of Ghosts. They say that the Jotunheim Ursus and Wayland's Bride, driven by their lust for human suffering, have come to lay waste to the northern lands. Now, only you and your Shaman can restore calm to the people. 


Everyone will feel an icy chill when they hear the drumming of Ulf the Brave! Summon him and enhance your melee capabilities. Wendla-of-Shadow herself is ready to serve you — test her will, once she has improved your scouts' stats, as only she knows secret paths into enemy towns... and into others' souls. Choose a new Shaman and hasten the inevitable hour of your victory. 


Equipment inlaid with runes is a dazzling proof of your military prowess. Take a lesson from the druids' battle scars: the increased cavalry defense and increased killer offense are your best friends when it comes to fierce encounters with enemies: the improved resource yielding and increased troop capacity will become just as valuable on risky marches. But at times when you need only a few moments studying Knowledge in order to grasp victory, you should put your faith in the runes to enrich the legends of the North.

Fear has been cast off, as it was destined to be! Odin himself blesses us from the high halls of Asgard.