The Kingdom in the palm of your hand: mini-map

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The North is vast and diverse. It would take you hours to fully explore your Kingdom. Meanwhile, even experienced Jarls get confused by the huge number of objects on the Global Map. But don't despair! This problem has a very simple solution – you just need to use the mini-map.

What is the mini-map?

The mini-map is the schematic view of the Kingdom where your Town is located. To open it, go to the Global Map and hit the round button on the left.

The mini-map displays only the most important objects:

- Your Town

- Towns of your Clan members

- Towns of Jarls from the enemy Clan during the Clans Battle

- Clan Stronghold

- Fortresses – Throne of Jotunheim, Place of Power, Towers of Fury

- Resource locations

- Landmarks – you can use them to mark important places on the Global Map

- Monsters – special Invaders and Ghosts in Jotunheim

You can only access the mini-map when viewing the Global Map of the Kingdom where your Town is located. In other cases, the corresponding button doesn't appear.

What is the purpose of the mini-map?

Use the mini-map to quickly find an object or explore a certain area. Saving time is especially important in battles when even seconds are crucial.

Please note: the mini-map is not a complete substitute for the Global Map. They are actually two complementary modes of displaying the Kingdom.

So during the Clans Battle, you will take a few minutes to choose an appropriate target for attack by using the mini-map. Then on the Global Map, you will need to search for a place where you will relocate your Town. When the enemy lets their guard down (oversleeping their Shield or sending too large a troop to yield resources), you can act.

One more thing – during the Battle for the Throne, you won't have to ask for Monster coordinates from your clanmates. Just open the mini-map, but don't forget to relocate to Jotunheim first.

Use the opportunities the mini-map gives you wisely, and don't give your enemies even a single chance of winning!

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