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Sometimes even the most experienced Jarls need a little reminder of how to fight more effectively and gain strength faster. For newbies, tables and plans are a real lifesaver. Why fall into the same trap again and again if you can spend your time usefully?

New compilation:

1) Onslaughts guide – organizing Onslaughts, their specific features, bonuses for increasing the number of troops and upgrading warrior stats.

2) Clan Stronghold table – bonuses of the Valley of the Aesir and Stronghold buildings, resource transformation, actions of Clan members depending on their title.

3) Aesir table – resources needed to summon and enhance an Aes, bonuses from blessing and patronage, advantages in the War of the Aesir.

4) Table of trophies dropped by Monsters of Jotunheim – a full list of Coffers you can get for attacking the Troll and Egir's Votary.

Remember: knowledge is power. Reach the peak of influence wisely!

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