Update! Fight in the name of Odin

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Battles in the North are about more than earning glory. They are how you prove yourself to be the greatest warrior, worthy of Odin's patronage!

New Influence level

Level 4 of the Stronghold will bring your Clan new opportunities. To improve the Stronghold, you and your clanmates will need a special item — Precious Dust. You can obtain it in the Workshop: just start transforming Legendary gems.

Tower of Odin and battles in the Stronghold

In the northern lands, there have always been legends of the cruel jötunns from the world of eternal ice. There is a rumor that they hate the Vikings' supreme god so much that they are even willing to invade Midgard and fight against its army...

Test your might — challenge the jötunns! After constructing the Tower of Odin, your Clan will be able to activate Siege status in the Stronghold. While it is active, the Clan Fortress will be attacked by troops led by jötunns, as well as by other Jarls who are brave enough to do it. Your task is to send reinforcements to the Stronghold and repel the attacks of enemy troops.

Special Knowledge

New Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence will help you to get ready for battles. For example, you will be able to upgrade your troop stats in battles for Fortresses, expand capabilities of Infirmaries, and much more. Don't miss your chance to become stronger!

Clan help on the Global Map

Helping your clanmates is a priority for every Jarl. Now, the "Help clanmates" icon is displayed not only in your Town but also on the Global Map.

Viking, a shield and ax do not a warrior make. What makes a true warrior is unswerving willpower and supreme mastery of the art of war. Rise bravely to any challenge that destiny throws at you and remember: greatness arises in battle!

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