On the verge of grand conquest


Conquer new lands

Are you ready to become the ruler of the North? Then heave off and set sail for unexplored lands! Move to any Kingdom by using the special Drakkar item that you can find as part of Bank offers. You can go on fascinating adventures to other Kingdoms if you upgrade your Palace to level 21. The number of moves is not limited, although it must have been at least 2 months since you last used the Drakkar item.

Share reports about the most epic battles

Want to show off rare trophies and enviable loot? Or want to tell your clansmen how you managed to ferret out your longtime enemy's secrets? Send a report to the Clan Chat and your brothers-in-arms will know all the details of the battle! To do this, open the necessary message in mail and tap the "Share" button.

Enhance military and economic stats

It's time to equip your loyal helper properly! Now level 5 Shamans have the right to wear the Masks of Valor and Power. And for experienced Shamans of level 25, the Wayfarer’s Boots are available.

Use the new possibilities and become the greatest Jarl in the Vikings: War of Clans history!