An exciting update! Clan development and mysterious Shamans


Clan power

Haven't constructed the Stronghold yet? It's high time you fixed that and upgraded it to level 3. You'll get even more Influence and bonuses from the Valley of the Aesir, as well as the effective transformation of regular resources into Clan resources.

Two Shamans

Do you want to solidify your power and rid the Scandinavian lands of malice? Summon new Ghost fighters in the Hall of Mysteries. Stieg the Sharp will strengthen your ranged and Einar the Free will reinforce your siege troops.

Spring equipment

Behind on northern fashion? Hurry to the Forge: there are 24 additional equipment pieces for Shamans now. Choose the bonuses you need today.

Improved Clan search

Are you looking for your perfect alliance? From now on, it's even easier to find loyal friends and brothers-in-arms. Specially for you, there are now convenient search filters by language and Clan type in the List of Clans tab.

New Terms of Use window

Do you agree to conquer the North? Log in, check the box, and immerse yourself in the Vikings: War of Clans world.

Be the first to learn what the Shamans can do and discover Clan greatness!