Update! Everybody will know of your deeds!

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Vikings prize glory above life itself – they will do everything to make their mark on history. And now there are even more opportunities to do this!

Changed rankings

New rankings added – this means new opportunities to achieve glory. You will now also be able to easily find out about the deeds of Jarls, Clans, or even whole Kingdoms.


Vikings solemnly believe that the true worth of every deed should be recognized. Now you will earn achievements for certain actions. These achievements will give you various bonuses and can also be used as honorifics.

Troop Sets

Quick and decisive actions are half the battle. Thanks to Troop Sets, you can instantly send your troops on marches without spending precious time forming troops.

More privileges for VIP status

Ten additional VIP levels have appeared in Vikings: War of Clans. New benefits include multiple refreshing of the Task list and instant completion of Tasks.

Fight and win – may your name be known to all!

Raid: Shadow Legends

Collect 400+ Champions & Fight For Glory

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