Eternal confrontation of the Aesir

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In the Vikings: War of Clans universe, each warrior knows the legends about the enmity between the northern gods – ancient as the world itself, and as endless as human struggles.

This rivalry stretches back centuries, for all Aesir were born under the sign of one of three Elements: Fire, Ice, or Earth. Each of these Elements has an advantage over another: Fire melts Ice, Ice binds Earth, and Earth suppresses Fire.

By summoning the gods, Vikings can expect not only patronage and blessing but additional War of the Aesir bonuses as well:

- Fire Aesir increase troop offense in battles against Ice Aesir

- Ice Aesir increase offense against Earth Aesir

- Earth Aesir increase offense against Fire Aesir

You can see War of the Aesir bonuses in the Sanctuary of the Aesir by selecting the patron you need.

How do you use War of the Aesir bonuses?

First, you need to find out whether your rival has summoned an Aes. To do that, take a look at their statistics window.

If your opponent hasn't summoned an Aes, War of the Aesir bonuses will be inactive.

If the information about the Aes is hidden by the Disguise item, you will have to act on instinct and guess. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and choose the right patron. :)

If all the information is available, it's much simpler. Has your enemy summoned an Earth Aes? Don't hesitate to ask for the Ice Aes's blessing. Depending on the Aes you choose, your warriors will get +4%, +7%, or +9.6% to offense against enemy troops (if your Aes is enhanced to the maximum level).

Summon the northern gods, and may the Allfather grant you victory in battle!

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