Update! Each battle is a step to greatness

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Vikings are unique people. They fearlessly seek adventure, treating every new challenge as a gift from the gods, and not as an obstacle.

Even more trials

From now on, in the Quests window, you can find three new tabs with daily, weekly, and monthly Quests. By completing them, you can earn points and open special Coffers of items. And of course, the more points you get, the more valuable the reward you will receive.

A strategic view

The whole Kingdom will be at your fingertips when you open the mini-map. It schematically displays Fortresses, clanmates' Towns, resource locations, your landmarks, Monsters in Jotunheim, and enemy Towns during the Clans Battle Competition. By using the special Global Map mode, you can keep abreast of things and plan cunning attacks.

The features of the Place of Power

Now Siege's status in the Place of Power lasts three hours instead of six. A perfect reason to capture the central Fortress in your Kingdom, right? Also, the Chief and Elders of the Clan that is holding the Place of Power can now choose the duration of Reputes – 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours.

Onslaughts are a tricky business

And, as Vikings say, they're fun too. You can now use new Troop Enlargement in Onslaught boosts and send an Onslaught initiator 150, 250, or 350% more warriors in your troop.

Guarding Fortresses

If you live for battle, then you know that a Fortress cannot accept more than 50 reinforcement troops. There is now also a limit on the maximum number of warriors in a Fortress. So choose wisely before you send warriors to defend the Place of Power, Towers of Fury, or the Throne of Jotunheim.

Jarl, gather your troops and fight. Great deeds await you!

Raid: Shadow Legends

Collect 400+ Champions & Fight For Glory

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