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Hero's and Shaman's equipment is a great way to stand out and get significant bonuses to economic and military stats. The wide variety of equipment means that you can easily select a set of gear that perfectly fits your gameplay style. There's no all-purpose combination, so in Vikings: War of Clans you're unlikely to meet two Heroes/Shamans with a completely identical set of equipment, gems, and runes.

What you need to know

All pieces of equipment are crafted in the Forge and divided into categories:

◾ Helmets

◾ Armor

◾ Weapons

◾ Boots

◾ Amulets

There are six types of equipment:

• Simple

• Usual

• Unusual

• Rare

• Epic

• Legendary


They are also divided into four kinds:

✓ Standard equipment

✓ Invaders' equipment

✓ Special equipment

✓ Shamans' equipment

When you are crafting, always keep the Workshop in mind. Inlay equipment with gems and get significant bonuses. And if the piece of equipment is legendary type, then it can also be enhanced with a rune.

Craft gear at any time convenient for you, regardless of the Hero's/Shaman's level. The most important thing is to have the necessary materials and resources available, and to study the Drafts for special equipment. But Hero's/Shaman's equipment can only be worn if its level corresponds to the character's level.

Crafting equipment

First of all, you need to:

1) Decide what bonuses you want to get.

2) Study all the pieces of equipment available for crafting that correspond to the Hero's/Shaman's level.

3) Calculate what materials and resources and what quantities are required for crafting.

4) See where you can get the necessary materials quickly and easily.

Standard equipment

Standard equipment is crafted from standard materials, such as Cotton, Rope, Elixir, Debris, Feather, Hide, Glass, Leather, Granite, Diamond, Steel, and Lead. You can get these components by:

- Completing daily Tasks

- Attacking Invaders

- Yielding resources in locations (as a bonus for successful yield)

- Opening the Chest of Loki

- Spending Gold to purchase Chests of materials in the Store

- Spending Loyalty Points to purchase Chests of materials in the Clan Store

Do not underestimate the bonuses of standard equipment – it is better to craft and put on whatever equipment you have than to have none at all.

Invaders' equipment

Invaders' equipment is crafted only from materials that drop for attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders. The exception is the components for the Barbarian's and Centurion's equipment: they can also be obtained from Chests of materials in the Clan Store or as a bonus for yielding resources in the Gifts of the Gods.

Special equipment and Shamans' equipment

Special equipment and Shamans' equipment are crafted both from materials and other equipment. To access special equipment crafting, the relevant Drafts must be studied in the Arms Guild located in your Clan's Stronghold. Drafts are studied by the Chief and Elders, and this requires a special item – Coal. Special equipment can be divided into two groups according to bonuses and necessary components:

1) The first group is created from Invaders' equipment and standard equipment.

2) The second group is created from other special equipment and has higher bonuses compared to the first group.


Do you want to kill two birds with one stone and combine business with pleasure? Then earn points in Competitions, yielding resources in locations where the components you need may drop.

Regularly combine the materials you have. Then, in the craft window, the actual chance of crafting equipment of a certain type will be displayed: from simple up to legendary. You will also see what materials you still need to craft a piece of equipment of a higher type.

Don't be afraid to craft. If for some reason, a piece of equipment is not needed anymore, then you can always dismantle it, getting back one random material used in its crafting. Inlaid gems and runes can be safely removed by using special items – the Diamond Knife and the Runic Knife.

The range of equipment is a key tactical variable in the battle for the North. With a well-chosen set of gear, you can easily win huge battles, and this is not an exaggeration. Plan, yield, craft – these are the covenants of a wise Jarl. Find your unique equipment for victory and show the whole North who rules here.


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