Celebrating five years of Vikings: War of Clans

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Skål, Jarls! The clanging of axes is being replaced by the clinking of goblets, because a huge celebration is approaching!

We constantly strive to make the Viking world even more fascinating and engrossing. This year, loads of awesome new features appeared in the North:

- The level 4 Clan Stronghold and new building in it – the Tower of Odin

- Legendary checkpoints, personal achievements, and new categories of tasks in the Clans Battle

- Updated Town Skins, Towers of Fury, and the rankings system

- Achievements, which are special honorable distinctions that provide various bonuses

- VIP levels 31–40

- Troop Sets, which save the type, tier, and number of warriors

We also have you to thank for bringing about all these changes, Jarls! Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts on our social networks.

And now for the best news of all! In August, we've got loads of great events and surprises in store for you. We'll be holding several giveaways and a live quiz in a stream in our Facebook community. We're sure you're going to love the prizes.

Follow the news and participate in the giveaways: let's make this an occasion to remember!

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