The most brutal way to have fun


Why waste time roasting a pig or brewing barley beer when blood boils in your veins and the drums of battle echo in your heart? A march full of trials and enemies' desperate prayers for mercy is better than any feast.

Uber Invaders may naively think that you're feasting in a tavern without your shield and sword, but they would be wrong: they will never take away your riches.

Stay alert: the opponents appear on the Global Map only for 24 hours and change their location every 3 hours to confuse you. Follow the news in the Events window and send your Hero to attack in time.

Learn the "Unlock Invaders I" Knowledge and inflict one hit, spending 100 units of energy. That's how to get Uber Invaders' Treasures, which contain special trophies, and if you're lucky, Shamans' Charms.

Sung in sagas

In the full swing of the New Year festivities, the Snowiking sneaked into the Kingdom. Like the ice that froze over the northern lands, the peaceful people were engulfed with fear. Only warriors with blazing hearts and strong hands dared to stop the enemy.

During the general March merriment, the Vikings were in for another surprise. The tempting glitter of treasures drew a greedy foreigner, and he paid for it with his life. The green bowler hat of a fallen Leprechaun is the perfect decoration for a warrior's abode.

Bruiser Bjära proved to be the meanest Uber Invader. He tried to disrupt the Easter revelry, but heavy axes and sharp hatchets taught him manners.

Impressive? There's more yet to come! You've got everything you need for victory: bravery, wit, and Odin's blessing.