Boosts: the best aid in Place of Power battles

Plarium Staff
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First here's a quick recap of some definitions:

• Boosts are special items that allow you to temporarily upgrade various game stats.

• The Place of Power is a Fortress on the Global Map that is located in the center of each Kingdom. The Clan that has captured the Place of Power receives various bonuses.

You might ask, "What's the connection between boosts and the Place of Power?" The thing is, there are a number of special features concerning boosts' activation and duration.

Remember the main rules:

- Boosts must be activated before starting the game processes that you want to improve.

- Boosts are only active for a limited time. After a boost expires, the increased stat will return to its previous value.

It's important to know the following when fighting for the Place of Power:

- You can extend the duration of an expiring boost or activate a new one without waiting for your troops to return.

- In the Fortress, boosts stop working when their time expires. Check the boosts timer, otherwise, you could lose an important battle.

Read more about boosts in this article and this guide on our Support portal.


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