Assault of the North and the fall of Fortresses

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Are grand-scale battles and joint attacks your vocation? Then you will like this update.

New addition to Shamans

If you capture the Place of Power regularly and watch the icy Throne of Jotunheim more often — it's time to summon Raine the Wanderer. His bonuses increase the military stats of warriors that participate in Onslaughts and battles for Fortresses.

Defense stronger than steel

A branch for upgrading troop defense has been added to the Valkyries' Citadel. Train your warriors, sharpen your military skills, and prepare for grand battles! 

Epoch-making battles

Now it's easier to form Onslaughts: now you don't need to reserve slots for your troops. In updated military reports, you can also compare the offense, defense, and health of warriors who participated in battles. 

Ghosts of bleak lands and new runes

3 Ghosts have penetrated the Northern lands:

- Helheim Warrior — a fighter from the world of the dead

- Plague Raven — an omen of disaster

- Marsh Nixa — the mistress of the swamps

Banish them and gather the collections of 12 runes with unique bonuses.

Download the update and call the troops to your banners!


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