3 steps to greatness


Do you want to construct the Stronghold and upgrade it to level 3, but aren't sure where to start? Do you thirst for great deeds, but the path to greatness seems rocky? Stop hesitating and read our advice.

Step 1: Constructing the Stronghold

First, find a place for construction on the Global Map. Remember, wise Chief: once the Stronghold is constructed, it cannot be moved. Gather the necessary amount of resources and Scrolls, your valiant clansmen will help you with that. Scrolls can be purchased in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points and as part of Bank offers, and can also be obtained by attacking Uber Invaders. The probability of getting Scrolls is influenced by upgraded Skills, learned Knowledge, equipment, and boosts that increase the Hero’s military stats.

So, you've found a place, you've collected resources and Scrolls, and the Clan’s Influence is over 100M. Skål, great Chief: you can easily construct your Clan Town now.

Step 2. Upgrading buildings

In the Clan Stronghold, you can construct and upgrade special buildings, get unique resources, learn Knowledge, and study Drafts necessary for crafting special Hero’s equipment. What buildings need to be upgraded and how do they influence military and economic stats? Read on.


House of Jarls — it is the main building in the Stronghold where you will find all the necessary information and statistics. The level of the House of Jarls, which is identical to the Palace in your Town, influences all other buildings. As you upgrade the House of Jarls, the area of the Valley of the Aesir increases along with the number and value of its bonuses.

Shamans’ Residence — it is the building where you can learn Knowledge that improves the Stronghold’s performance and also increases the number of Clan members. Don’t underestimate the power of knowledge in the battle for the North!

Resource Storage — it’s where clansmen's resources and Scrolls go. The bulk of unique Clan resources obtained in the Yards are also stored here.

In the Yards of Brewers, Carpenters, Smelters, and Stonecutters, and in the Mintage Yard, the transformation of regular resources into Clan resources takes place: Food into Ale, Lumber into Timber, Iron into Steel, Stone into Plates, and Silver into Thoriars. Consider which transformation method is more convenient for you: slower and cheaper, or faster and more expensive. Only the Chief and the Elders can run this process, and no one can cancel it once it’s already in progress.

Supreme Thing — it is the hand of vengeance of your Clan that can exile the Towns of unwanted Jarls from the Valley of the Aesir. The exile process also requires a certain number of Wax Seals. You can purchase them in the Item Store, the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, and as part of Bank offers. In addition, there is a chance you can get them after attacking Uber Invaders.

Arms Guild — it is the building where the ancient Drafts are stored. Only the Chief and the Elders have the power to study them. For that, they need Clan resources and Coal, which can be purchased in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points and as part of Bank offers.

Step 3. Crafting unique equipment

Do you want to craft unique equipment: armor, helmet, weapon, boots, and amulets? Then it’s high time you studied Drafts in the Arms Guild. Note that the special equipment is crafted in the Forge using four components in various combinations.

Components for crafting:

- Regular materials

- Standard equipment

- Invaders’ materials

- Invaders’ equipment

- Special equipment

You can get sufficient advantage over your opponents thanks to equipment bonuses. They improve the Stronghold's economic stats and the military performance of troops.

Having armed yourselves with this new knowledge, you and your Clan will be able to construct the mighty Stronghold and enter the ranking of the strongest alliances of the North.