A Promising Land Attracts Warriors New and Old

The march of mankind continues on, into the eastern lands, where a new, promising Kingdom has arisen: the lands of Eyvingling are here and within them lies the future of the realm.

Noble warriors, both new and old have flocked to these lands, where they hope to strike a name for themselves and form a legacy that will last for generations.

Unlike previous Kingdom expansions that we witnessed as of recently, the lands of Eyvingling were especially fertile and had no issue at all attracting brave Jarls, quickly reaching its population cap, with a large number of clans taking stake within the borders of this land.

New Kingdom Eyvingling

Clans Swell

Clans Swell

The most notable clans, as of yet, are shown above and include the Free Wars, Gods of Raven and Legion clans, just to name a few. These, as is typical for a new Kingdom, saw their roster burgeon and overflow with young recruits, as they sought the safety that can only come in large numbers.

At first most were immediately accepted within these top ranking clans, but that trend would soon change as a rigorous approval process began. Those not meeting the standards were ejected, to make room for more capable and promising warriors.

Clans Weed Out

This "weeding-out” process will likely continue on for weeks to come, as the Kingdom takes root and establishes itself. In these precarious days, many lives will be lost as Eyvingling asserts itself over the wilderness and the beasts who call this land home. They must expelled by force in the coming days.

Those who remained within the Outtlanders began their training process, to prepare them for the harsh days that lay in wait. Tips from veteran warriors were passed down to new recruits, some of whom had never held a sword before that day.

New Player Tips

New Player Tips

The Chronicle will be following this realm with a very close interest in the days ahead. With a successful start, we can already see a bright future, one that will have many victories in store for it, as it continues to grow and establish itself. Of that, we have no doubt.