The Kingdom of Sigurdeppur Begins to Stabilize

In the lands of Sigurdeppur, the citizens of this brave new frontier are just beginning to settle in and really put down their roots. Clans of all walks are now growing and beginning to truly take shape.

As we talked about in the most recent edition of the Chronicles, many growing pains were being experienced in the realm. In this regard, not much has truly changed.

Clans are still fighting for dominance and asserting their power. Yet, one clan above all others has remained on the top: the noble fighters of clan Renegades, led by their fearless Chief, Jon Snow.


Yet growth and prosperity are far from limited to the top-ranking clans; others too are staking out small pieces of land as their own and clan-mates are actively assisting each other, sharing resources and protecting each other from hostile invaders.

Clanmates Assist Each Other

Through this process, members are making names for themselves, as they become noticed by their respective Chieftains and are promoted through the ranks, growing in influence and power.


New Clans

Unfortunately, others are finding conflict not only out in the wilderness of these untamed lands, but also within their ranks. Some are left with no choice but to move on to the sanctuary of other clans, ones that they are more suited for.

Players Move Clans

As we move forward through the coming weeks and months, you can expect to find that Chieftains begin to focus on the future, more so than the immediate here-and-now, as their forces and troops become more entrenched and established.

Plans will have to be formulated, for their members will demand that a plan be constructed and a vision that will guide their clan into the future. This is exactly what the leader of the Guardians of Light has done in recent days, encouraging his rank and file troops to push on and focus on gathering resources for the eventual construction of their seat of power, their Stronghold.

Clans Growing

Whether or not clans succeed in their missions is yet to be seen and is another story for another day, and a future edition of the Chronicles. Until then, be safe and fight on fellow Jarls—your very life may depend upon it.

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