The Newest of the New Frontiers

The Chronicles ventures forth into the wild and untamed lands of Sigurdeppur, the newest of the new frontiers and bears witness to a new age of mankind.

As the Chronicle discussed in last week's edition, we explored how the realm has grown and how new Kingdoms appear to be rising forth on a weekly basis. The expansion of man goes on and for the time being, there appears to be no stopping our march onward.

For this very reason, the Chronicle is venturing into the latest, newest Kingdom, seeking to learn what is unfolding on our newest frontier, and the issues that those brave souls are currently facing.

The Kingdom that we speak of is no other than Sigurdeppur, the newest of the new lands. As of this writing, it formed less than twenty-four hours ago--truly a new dawn for mankind.

New Kingdom Sigurdeppur

Jarls from distant lands and from all walks of life have migrated to these new lands, hoping to strike it rich or write their name in the history books. Almost immediately, a number of clans began to form, and some began to establish themselves in rapid fashion.

Vikings New Realm Clans

Vikings New Realm Clans

Vikings New Realm Clans 3

As can be seen, a total number of forty-six clans have been formed thus far, and we expect that this number will grow rapidly in the coming days. A fact that the Chronicle will check back on in the coming weeks and update you, our readers with.

There are roughly 10,000 individuals that have migrated to these wild and untamed lands. This is an incredible number of people willing to face danger and the unknown, once again proving man's willingness to push our boundaries of expansion.

Currently there are two clans that are already making names for themselves. These are the Guardians of Light, who are currently the top ranked clan within the realm, and The Lair, who are in current possession of the Palace of Power, the most coveted asset in any Kingdom.

The Lair Palace of Power

Undoubtedly, the balance of power has not yet set in and this is only the beginning of this wild and thus very dangerous new Kingdom. Anything can change at any moment, and as history has shown, no clan should feel secure in their position, as many things will change in the coming days, for better or worse.

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