Clans Agree to Non-Aggression Terms

Since the inception of the realm, there has been a constant state of warfare for many of the clans that call this land home, but now, clans are maturing and non-aggression terms are forming. Can this peace last?

In the lands of Krastardob, there has been constant fighting, almost endless since the inception of the kingdom. First, it was amongst one another, then, as the kingdom matured and its borders expanded, it was only a matter of time before it came in direct conflict with other neighboring kingdoms.

This resulted in many battles and many wars that we have touched on here in the chronicles already. Many of these were Clan vs Clan battles, while others were much broader and wider, such as Kingdom vs Kingdom battles, the latter of which is fought on a much larger scale.

Most if not all of these battles have resulted in intense bloodshed, as both sides attempt to assert their dominance and prove to all that they are the champions of the events and the victors of the war.

Yet things are changing, and the almost constant clan vs clan battles and kingdom vs kingdom battles has resulted in much fatigue between many of the participants.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that at least in regards to the clan vs clan battles, clans are now beginning to reach out to each other, attempting to lay out the ground rules of the battle before they enter into conflict, or even agree on not attacking one another at all.

This is exactly what has recently transpired between the Valhalla Damned and the Swea Rise, who were matched up against one another in a constant of arms.

Clan Vs Clan Non Agression

Surprisingly, it was the much more mature and much more powerful clan, the Swea Rise, who first reached out to the Valhalla Damned and offered them the non-aggression terms, even though they could have very likely bested them in one-on-one combat.

This is heartening to see indeed, and means that both sides will lay down their arms, and only attempt to compete in a non hostile way, i.e. resource gathering, troop production points, etc.

We have yet to see if this will become a more and more normal thing to see within our realm, but we can certainly hope! The realm is maturing, and perhaps even a small amount of conflicts can be avoided, which is surely better than the all-out bloodshed that we have seen in the past.

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