The Valhalla Damned Suffer Setbacks

The Valhalla Damned, one of the first clans within the Kingdom of Krastardob, finds itself surrounded on all sides and paying dearly because of it. Yet the will to survive is strong within this clan and they battle on, adapting to new strategies as they struggle to survive.

The Valhalla Damned, one of the original clans to emerge in the kingdom of Krastardob, are under attack. They have been assaulted and have suffered a series of setbacks, setbacks that have cost them in both troops and resources.

Issuing out the command to his Bannerman, the Chieftain of Valhalla attempted to raise morale in the face of these numerous assaults. Something had to change within the clan if they were going to survive for any great length of time in this harsh environment.

Valhalla Damned Hit Hard

These attacks have come on the back of numerous Kingdom vs Kingdom events and Clan vs Clan events, which seemingly are never ending in these tumultuous times. One clan that has been in direct opposition with Valhalla as of recently is none other than Totem, a formidable enemy and one that has launched many attacks upon their homeland. The Valhalla Damned, however, are responding in kind.

Totem Fights Valhalla

Still, this has not kept the warriors of Valhalla down. Rallying around their leader and each other, they have pressed on, plotting their day of revenge and continuing on with upgrades to their seat of power, their stronghold.

They have continued to pool together their resources and send them to their stronghold, which has progressed by leaps and bounds even in the face of so much violence, proving the strong will of this clan and its members.

Valhalla Damned Plots Revenge

Valhalla Damned Pushes On

Valhalla Damned Recovers

Making the necessary battle plans and better informing his troops on how best to protect themselves during these conflicts has paid off, as can be seen with their recent victory over the Onerus clan, which they dispatched after a heated contest of minds and steel.

Clan battles Rage

Still, the battle for survival is an uphill one, and the Valhalla Damned, just like so many others in this realm, must continue on, fighting the storm that surrounds them lest they be swept up by it. The times are challenging indeed, but when haven't they been? Fight on citizens, fight on.

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