New Strategies Are Developed

The Clan vs Clan battles continue to erupt all over the realm. Some adopt the old methods of brute force, while others become more creative and attempt new methods of gaining points. Will they work, or is violence the only path to success?

All across the Kingdom and all across the Realm, clans continue to attack each other. They do this to gain resources, they do this to gain power, and some do it simply for the fun of it, taking out their aggression and hatred one another.

While some of this is voluntary, what we have seen in the past is a pitting of clan against clan by the gods in worldwide events. These events continue to unfold at a rapid pace and are not helping the current hostile situation we now find ourselves in.

As we have seen over the past few weeks, clans are competing with one another on a grand scale, each hoping to outdo the other, with some finding a fair fight and others an easy victory.

Clans Battle

Clan V Clan Valhalla

The examples showcased above are repeated over and over again, on an almost countless scale, as there are tens of thousands of clans that make up the collective of our realms population. Almost all of them are out for bloodshed and are too numerous to mention them all.

Other Clan Battles

Other Clan Battles

While some are simply out for blood, fortunately there are others who are taking other approaches on how best to win these heated competitions, plotting ways and coming up with the best strategy on how to gain points without ever having to draw a sword.

Clan vs Clan Point Strategy

Clan V Clan Non Agression

Although the strategies mentioned above are becoming more and more commonplace, and are ultimately good for the overall prosperity and growth of the realm as whole, there are still bloody and messy battles erupting more often than not.

Clan Vs Clan Turns messy

In the short term, we see no sign from the gods above that would indicate that these events which pit man against man on a clan vs clan scale are going to end anytime soon. The best that you can hope for is that you join a strong clan, that you can contribute to, and gain some benefit from, attempting to weather this vicious and violent storm. 

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