Kingdoms Turn on One Another

A realm-wide Kingdom vs Kingdom event has erupted and bloodshed reigns supreme. The Chronicle goes into the fray and follows the battle between Krastardob and Brinfinnad. Who will be victorious?

Brinfinnad versus Krastardob, Kingdom 291, versus Kingdom 286! The gods have pitted these two relatively new Kingdoms against one another in an all-out war, and who will be victorious is anyone’s guess.

Both Kingdoms, as previously mentioned, are relatively new to this realm, with clans that are still trying to find their footing in a rugged and hostile environment. They are clinging to what land they can hold onto, fighting off invaders and opposing clans as best as they can, but now, the clans of their respective Kingdoms must come together to defend their homelands, or risk facing total annihilation.

At first, the event was relatively calm, with neither Kingdom encroaching on the other in a serious manner, but after some discussion and planning, the veil of civility quickly fell away and enemy troops could be seen marching across each others’ borders.

Top ranking clans from both Kingdoms sent out their finest warriors, raiding the opposing Kingdom’s strongholds and castles, pillaging their resources and bringing them back to their homeland, scoring major points while doing so.

Clan Points Kingdoms Battle

Each clan scored points in their own right, unlocking powerful rewards as they reached new tiers. Meanwhile, the total points for each clan were pooled together in a collective Kingdom-wide score.

Neither Brinfinnad nor Krastardob appeared capable of pulling ahead in a decisive manner throughout this event, proving that they were truly equally matched. Yet a winner had to be decided, and as the conflict drew to a close, one was announced.

Kingdoms Battle Over

As seen in the above report, the final result was nail-bitingly close. The colored bars are dead even, and only by comparing the final points total can a winner be determined. In this event, it was Krastardob, by the slimmest of margins.

This is a story that was repeated between other Kingdoms, as we can see from the results below.

Other Kingdoms Battles

Some battles were close, while others were less so. Regardless of the results, these Kingdom vs Kingdom battles have laid waste to the countryside in a reckless manner.

The battle for supremacy continues on and it is only a matter of time before Kingdoms face off against each other once again and vengeance can be had.

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