A New Global Event Rocks the Realm

Right now, at this very moment, there are battles erupting all across the realm. Clans have been unleashed upon each other in a vicious and bloody manner. Clan vs clan battles are nothing new to the citizens of this realm, but what is, is the style of these battles.

This event pits clans of one Kingdom against another. The matching attempts to pair up clans that are equals of one another, so that the fight will be fair and honorable, even if that is not how things will unfold as the event progresses.

A number of announcements were made so that clan leaders could prepare their members and so that they could better learn what exactly was unfolding, yet many questions still remained and would not truly be answered until the event arrived.

Clan Battles Erupt

Clan Battles Annoucement

Clan Battles Erupt

Clan Battles

The wait would not be long and as the event is now here, we have a much better picture of its nature. Not all elements of it are steeped in bloodshed, as many are now seeing. Points are acquired in a number of ways, including resource production, troop creation and gathering.

Unfortunately, there is a much darker side to this event, which entails clans being pitted against each other in violent conquest. Raids between clans and between Kingdoms has become a regular sighting.

This event is still yet completed, but as you can see with what time remains, some clans are clearly gaining the upper hand on their matched opposition.

Clan Battles Unfold

Clan Battles Other

The Imortalized Warriors are nearly being doubled by their opposition, the Val d'Ombre. While many other battles are neck and neck, such as the competition between the Scord of Brouster and their foes.

Still, even if you are on the losing side of this event, there are rewards to be had by all who put up a decent showing and reach the max rewards tier.

Clan Battles Unfold

Whether or not your clan will be the winner is yet to be decided, over a day remains in this event and anything is possible. Many battles are yet to be fought, as a day can sometimes seem like an eternity. Good luck and may Odin be with you.

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