The Odin's Rebels Face Turbulent Times

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The lands of Krastardob continue to go through dramatic changes. Many clans are finding themselves under great hardship as resources become tight and the internal battles that seem to plague the kingdom continue to add enormous stresses.

Many clans have found themselves morally and physically defeated, collapsing under this stress. Those who die in battle are remembered for their efforts and honored in the annals of Krastardob’s history, while those who survive in a shattered clan either choose to move and merge into another clan within the kingdom, or depart the lands for fresh ones entirely.

One clan that is experiencing this stress in full is none other than Odin's Rebels, led by MWhisner from the very founding of the kingdom.

Facing this full volume of stress, it simply became too much and he had to step down, taking a break from his long role as Chieftain.

Odin's Rebels Chief Steps Down

Lela90 Becomes Chief

In his place the mighty Lela was be appointed; she is also a stout and experienced warrior who has been here since the kingdom’s inception.

Yet this move would create great turmoil within the ranks of the troops and the shedding of warriors would continue on. Many chose to leave the Odin's Rebels, hoping for better days ahead, or greener pastures as some would put it.

Regardless, orders were issued and Lela began to make preparation for the clan, hoping to guide them through these turbulent times.

Clan vs Clan Strategy

Still, it was not enough, and not wanting this role which was hoisted upon her, Lela passed the leadership onto Missy Vampire, who took the clan to war, fighting for and ultimately achieving her goal of taking the Place of Power, the most coveted asset within the kingdom.

Missy Vampire Becomes Chief

Odin's Rebels Fight for PoP

Odin's Rebels Capture PoP

It was around this time, during which great battles were being fought, that MWhisner returned from his leave of absence and once again was handed back his title as clan Chieftain, a role that would prove to be short lived once again, as he would again hand off his leadership role to Lna Penthotal, of whom is the current Chieftain of the clan.

MWhisner returns

This story, although strange and turbulent, is actually relatively common as clans fight to find their places in this rugged and untamed land. Things are always changing and those who can admit that a new direction is needed are the ones who will survive.

This is exactly what has occurred with the Odin's Rebels, who, after going through this rocky period, now appear to be as strong as they ever were, holding the second-ranking position within the realm, a full roster and the Place of Power.

The dark days appear to be behind them, and now, the future is truly theirs. To them, we wish them luck and great prosperity in the days ahead.

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