A War of Dominance Erupts in Sigurdeppur

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The kingdom of Sigurdeppur is at war. The sound of swords clashing can be heard echoing all over the land as warriors rush out to do battle against one another, and a game of dominance erupts, threatening to tear the very lands apart.

The clan at the center of all this madness is none other than the Renegades, the top-ranking clan within the realm, who have held that title since nearly the inception and founding of this noble kingdom. Shedding off the shackles of unity and ceasefire, they have found themselves embroiled in a number of wars, as they carve out their names in the history books.

The Renegades

Yet this would not come easily. There are countless other clans within the realm, some of which are willing to work with them and make peace while others will not bend the knee so easily and plan on fighting back, preferring death over a life of servitude.

Do not attack BzoA

The Renegades are at war

As can be seen from the clan-wide messages sent out from the Renegades’ leadership, they have aligned themselves with the Berserker clan, a clan that they once crossed swords with but now hope that they can receive help from in their conquest of the kingdom.

Meanwhile, they are also being attacked by so many other smaller clans, who do not wish to bend the knee, that they believed it prudent to send out a clan-wide message informing their rank and file troops to put up a shield of protection and attempt to weather the storm they are currently facing.

The Renegades attack BZHFR

The biggest offender of all is the BZHFR clan, who have found themselves embroiled in a bloody war with the Renegades. Not sitting idly by, the Renegades have chosen to make an example of this clan, attempting to destroy them utterly and completely in a concerted, violent effort.

In addition to this, they have taken control of the most coveted asset in the realm, the Place of Power, and will fight tooth and nail to keep it in their possession.

The Renegades captures the Place of Power

The Renegades defend the Place of Power

Burn down clan GL378

To this day, the Renegades continue to assert their dominance and are fighting countless enemies on all sides, attempting to either bend the kingdom to their will, or die trying.

Whether or not they will be successful is yet to be seen, but you can rest assured that the Chronicle will be following this story closely, regardless of the outcome.

Vikings: War of Clans

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