A Power Play is Made on the Place of Power

A battle is raging in a brand-new, newly-founded Kingdom, one that was founded just today and one that already brave Jarls are fighting over.

This is actually not what typically occurs. Clans usually take the time required, when expanding man’s reach, to set up their towns and secure their resource supplies before striking out and seeking to conquer their fellow man.

Yet Spitzortlagen is already shaping up to be no typical realm. Veteran and new Jarls are seeking riches, fame and fortune in these lands and one of the best ways to write your names in the history books for all time is to take and conquer the Place of Power. This was something that the Pivovars clan wasted no time in doing.

Spitzortlagen Kingdom PoP

Although this clan may of taken and secured this vital position, it is only a matter of time before more and more Jarls brave the elements and travel the treacherous road to this newly founded Kingdom, increasing the competition for the Place of Power and resources as they settle into these newly founded lands.

Spitzortlagen Kingdom Clans

Clans Spit

Spitzortlagen Kingdom

At the time of writing, there are only a little over 13,000 Jarls inhabiting these lands, not even half of what the population will eventually be. In addition to this, there are only a meager 20 clans, many of which can scarcely even be called a clan, as they only consist of a single Chieftain, with no warriors aiding his cause.

Yet, as previously mentioned, this limited amount of Clans does not mean that there are no battles, no quite the opposite, as anarchy reigns supreme across the lands. Already the Winterfell clan have created their hive and are moving in to lay siege to the Place of Power.

Winterfell Castle Move In On POP

Make no doubt about it, this is a power play by the Winterfell clan, as they are only a mere stone’s throw away from the Place of Power. Setting up their hive here will mean that they will be viciously fighting off enemies who wish to take control of the Place of Power for themselves.

As the days go forward, the Chronicle will be returning to this Kingdom, following the events closely and reporting back to you, the citizens of the land with the latest developments from lands of Spitzortlagen.

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