A New Age of Progress is Upon Us

A new age of progress is upon us! The great minds of our realm have once again come together to pool their resources, skills and knowledge, advancing the civilization of mankind.

Proud Jarls all over the realm in kingdoms large and small are rejoicing about these advancements, as the benefits that they add are great and numerous, significantly improving the strength and quality of life for their townsfolk.

Vikings Update

As seen from the herald’s message above, a number of new advancements were unleashed all at once, creating a scramble amongst the most powerful lords to be the first to achieve these new feats of greatness.

But it will take some time and won't be something that is simply achieved overnight, unless your gold reserves are truly something to behold.

The first improvement is that the buildings within your town can now be advanced up to a maximum level of 31. The wealth that this will produce for the realm will truly be stunning and is sure to spur a great new age of luxury within our lands.

Gold, iron, stone, silver and food production have all been increased significantly as a result of this, and so not only are resources now to come in greater quantities, but so too will troop production be increased and the time it takes to construct buildings greatly lessened.

Buildings Lvl 31

In addition to this, numerous new categories have been added to the Oracle, allowing Jarls to unlock even deeper tomes of knowledge in the Economic, Training, Espionage and Invaders categories.

Yet what interests us the most is the addition of an entire new category that has the potential to reshape the power structure of the realm. I of course speak of the Hero knowledge category, which was just recently added to the Oracle.

New Hero Knowledge

New Hero Knowledge 2

This new knowledge, of which a small sample is shown above, has the ability to massively increase the might of your hero, especially when traveling at the head of a mighty army.

The amount of knowledge that can now be learned may be simply overwhelming to some, but a wonderful joy to those who have been down this path before and are not shy of overcoming great challenges. There are 525 new knowledge levels to unlock in this category alone.

With this new age of innovation, our greatest and most advanced Jarls within the realm will be put to work once again, improving their towns, advancing the might of their armies and pushing the limits of mankind’s progress for years to come.

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