Superior Tactics Defeat a Superior Force

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Clan battles are a constant state of affair, they are only ever just around the corner and those clans that develop new, alternative tactics, are typically the ones who can stand the test of time and weather the constant onslaughts that they face.

As we've highlighted in previous editions of the Chronicle, clans continue to come up with new tactics, some of which result in massive bloodshed and huge, epic battles between them and their opponents, while others are more peaceful.

We have seen clans call for a ceasefire and both parties agree to this. Yet, this is not the norm, as all clans desire the riches and the rewards that come along with being named the champion of a clan vs clan event.

Clans are getting smarter with each passing event and their experience is growing. Valhalla Damned learned this the hard way recently when they went up against what they deemed to be an inferior opponent. Sadly, they were mistaken.

Clan V Clan losing

At first, the Valhalla Damned were puzzled as to why they were losing, but rapidly, they figured out what was happening: their opponents were receiving massive points from simply upgrading their clan Stronghold.

Clan v Clan Tactics

Valhalla Damned Lose Clan Battle

As seen above, despite the superior firepower and the ability to gather resources of the Valhalla Damned, the Bozkurtlr were able to pull ahead and remain ahead, securing their victory in this clan vs clan event.

The points rewarded by their more powerful Stronghold were simply too great to overcome and the Valhalla Damned has vowed to push on, gathering the required materials it will take to upgrade their own Stronghold to level 2, a monumental but necessary task given these recent events.

House of Jarls

Not only will this help them compete in future events against any clan that has a level two Stronghold, but it will help them in every other event that is thrown their way, as the bonuses that the House of Jarl offers are vast and numerous.

Valley of Aesir Bonuses

Valley of Aesir Bonuses 2

In the future, you are going to see more and more clans come to this realization. That they cannot become complacent, that they must push on and never cease in their desire to grow as a clan.

The path to victory is a hard and arduous one, and only the greatest of clans will be left standing in the end, will your clan be one of the few? Or one of the many, that find themselves in the dustbin of history? Fight on, brave Jarls, and never look back, push on.

Vikings: War of Clans

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