Baggi the Big Busts Some Ghostly Foes

At first, the threat was but a nuisance. The Twilight Fox was easily defeated and banished back to Helheim by the newest hero to join the ranks of our armies, the Shaman.

Answering the screams of help, Baggi the Big rode out into battle and used his unique mystical powers to repel the ghost invasion that plagued our realms. The Twilight Fox was no match for the otherworldly powers wielded by our hero.

Yet, just as things were beginning to settle, a new threat began to rise, one much more powerful and much more sinister than the Twilight Fox. A new ghost has replaced the last and it will not be so easily banished from the lands of the living.

Baggi has once again been called upon and his well-earned rest cut short. The Hall of Mysteries is stirring and elemental powers can be seen flowing forth, pouring out of the windows as Baggi the Big prepares himself for his next challenge.

The Rock Boar, covered in jagged outgrowths with eyes that shine with evil, can be seen stalking through the night, terrorizing the citizens of our Kingdom. A menacing threat formed of hate and viciousness, preying on the young and old, taking advantage of the weak.

New Ghost Rock Boar

Rock Boar Page

Baggi the Big has already repelled countless numbers of these beasts, but the flow of demonic forces from Helheim appears to be never-ending. Rock Boars can still be spotted all over the lands and have completely infested numerous locations, driving out the native citizens.

Jarls will need to send their Shamans forth and help assist in repelling these ghosts. To help, the great rulers of the realm have initiated a clan-wide challenge, one that will reward those who participate the most and take action immediately.

This challenge is set to begin at any hour now and will award numerous bonuses to those brave Jarls who ride out and oppose the vile Rock Boars that have infested our lands.

Ghost Banishment Tourny

Prepare yourself, gather your Shamans and ride forth to defeat the vile Rock Boars wherever you find them, sending them back to Helheim where they belong, once and for all.

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