The Kingdom Continues to Grow

Young the Kingdom may be, but already we are seeing clans come together for their greater good, even if this means the destruction of others. Will things settle, or will tensions boil over?

Clans Fight to Prove Themselves

The Kingdom is growing, even prospering, but in many ways it is becoming a more treacherous and dangerous place as each day passes.

Clans are beginning to take solidify and they are experiencing the many growing pains that come along with this process. Many are finding it difficult to mesh together and stand side by side, defeating their enemies, while others are easily adapting to the changes occurring around them.

It is shocking to see, but already clans are dealing with the harsh reality that has plagued many in the past, the threat of spies amongst their ranks. Leaders are taking action and informing their members to keep all information that is private, private.

Spies be Amongst us

Discipline is a must if we wish to survive in these rugged new lands and only the strongest of those will survive. The ones that are able to come together and attack as one in well organized onslaughts will rise to the top of the ranks and become the dominating force.

Clans already have begun to pick targets and prove to one another that they can indeed come together to defeat their opposition.

Clans Come Together

Clans Go To War 2

Clans Go to War

Clans Protect each Other

The Weak Become Prey

As many broad attack orders are issued, some are not so lucky and have found themselves the direct targets of clans that are scavenging for any scraps of resources they can find, knowing that to survive, you must take what you believe to be rightfully yours, even if that means by force.

Clans Pick Targets

Meanwhile, as the attacks and brutality rain down all around us, other clans are coming together and pooling their resources for the betterment of their clans and for the greater good.

Strongholds are a bastion of safety and power for all clans and are only as great as the collective effort of the members that call it home. Here, members can send scrolls and resources to strengthen the clan as a whole.

Clans Strengthen Strongholds

For now, this new Kingdom continues to experience its growing pains and we expect it be this way for some time. Luckily, no full-blown wars have broken out, and hopefully it will remain that way, for the greater good of all.

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