Rise Forth Kingdom of Krastardob!

A new age is upon us and a new Kingdom has been founded. Jarls from all over the realm have flocked to these new lands to claim their stake and dominate the untamed lands for their own. Who will succeed? Who will fail?

The Birth of a New Age

The dawn of a new age is upon us! Hordes of Jarls are descending upon a new land, a new Kingdom, known only as Krastardob.

Quickly, settlements began to spring up, as homesteaders staked out land, claiming the surrounding resources as their own, planting their banners in the ground, and standing firm in their resolve.

A harsh land this appeared to be, pocketed with numerous untamed forests, marshlands, and snow covered fields, yet it was their land and the Vikings that descended upon it would fight to the death to protect it.

Almost immediately, clans began to form. Intelligent Jarls knew that to survive against their foes and the unknown enemies in the land, then they would need to gather with like-minded warriors and put their swords together, towards a collective effort of conquest.

At first only a few clans began to form, but rapidly that number turned into 50, then numbered in the hundreds only after a few short days later.

Birth of New realm

At the time of writing, the number has continued to expand and is currently showing 285 clans that call the new Kingdom of Krastardob their home.

The fact that so many have settled in this new Kingdom proves just how contested these lands will be, and just how vicious some of the future fighting will be.

Yet, to date, the first week has not proved a total success for all, as some clans have already buckled under the strains of the land, and have folded in upon themselves.

Clans Disbanded

Fortunately, what is lost, is reborn. Jarls are ever on the move and already, those not slain in battle have moved on to find new homes and warriors that they can call brother, some even succeeding and rising through the ranks of leadership.

Players Rise

This Kingdom is not even a week old as of yet, and it is far too early to call who will rise to the top, who will fall, and who will claim the seat of power that all covet.

But one thing is for certain: We at the Chronicle will be here, following the news that unfolds and reporting back to you. 

Until then, dig in your boots, claim your piece of the land and resist all those who oppose you. Good luck Jarls, I have a feeling we are all going to need it.

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