Returning to the Frontier Once More

Today, the Chronicles joins you once again from the frontier, the outskirts of our great realm, as we temporarily depart from the homelands and journey into these unknown new lands.

The wilds are once again being pushed back, as brave Jarls attempt to establish the latest Kingdom, known simply as Gardarshoft: a strong name, representing a strong and brave people.

The people who make up these lands are numerous, young, and eager to stake their claim in the world. Yet, as the Chronicle has learned time and time again, this is no easy task and is one fraught with danger, both of the expected and unexpected variety.

One clan has established themselves above all others in a relatively short order. This clan is known as the Super Hot Fire and their numbers have ballooned under the wise leadership of the Chieftain going by the nickname of the Drunk Flame, a capable veteran of previous wars.

New Realm Gardarshoft

Although the Super Hot Fire clan were the most influential and thus the most powerful clan within Gardarshoft, they were not the ones controlling the seat of power, a fact that did not escape their notice.

This honor would go to the Deti ZewSa clan, led by the noble warrior known as Negative and the third-ranking within the Kingdom.

Place of Power Gardarshoft

Being the top ranking clan within the Kingdom, the leadership of the Super Hot Fire devised an attack plan to take what they believe to be rightfully theirs. They called on their members to move to the forests surrounding the Place of Power, creating a powerful Hive that would act as a launch pad for their upcoming attack against the throne.

Place of Power Gardarshoft

Superhot hive

Taking the Palace of Power

After a few days, most of their roster was surrounding the Place of Power and the Deti ZewSa clan found themselves besieged from all sides. It was only a matter of time before they fell before the collective might of the Super Hot Fire clan.

Place of Power Super Hot Fire

Unable to withstand the onslaught any longer, the gates burst forth and a stream of warriors flooded into the Place of Power, putting all who remained to the sword and trampling their flag underfoot as they raised their own high above the ramparts.

A new ruler lords over the young lands of Gardarshoft, but for how long? How long before the Super Hot Fire are in turn cast down? We shall see soon enough, for a mighty conflict is brewing within Gardarshoft, a conflict that can only be resolved through blood, sweat, and steel.

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