Clans Come Together For the Greater Good

Clans all over the realm  in Vikings: War of Clans are attempting to complete the monumental task of building their stronghold. Great work lies ahead, and a vast pool of resources is needed. Will they be able to complete their work?

A Clan Stronghold Begins Construction

Not all is bad, not everything results in bloodshed and war. There are times in our realm where fellowship can shine brighter than hate and bloodlust. Clans come together, with a common goal, a goal that they set out and attempt to achieve through the good nature and camaraderie that they have for one another.

Some events cannot be settled through the sword, such as the Clan Stronghold, a bastion of power that clans attempt to build up in a collective effort through the vast resources that they pool together for the common good.

All over Krastardob clans are attempting to do this very thing. They are attempting to accumulate enough resources to build up their stronghold, while fending off their enemies who would like nothing more than to steal their hard-earned gains.

All over, Chieftains are calling for action, setting short-term achievable goals that they would like to see their members act upon.

Food Stronghold

Immediately upon hearing this call for action, the Bannerman of the clan went out and began the arduous process of gathering the grain needed to reach this milestone. A great collective effort had begun, even though there was no certainty that the end goal could be reached.

Clan Stronghold Working On It 2

Clan Stronghold Working on it

As the days went on, and the nights came to a close, it was clear from the constant updates from the clan’s leadership that the end goal was rapidly approaching, and morale rapidly began to improve as a result of these words. Efforts were doubled with the end so close in sight.

Clan StrongHold Food Achieved

Clan Stronghold Food reached

With a goal reached, a joyous cheer went out across the ranks of the clan. This collective effort was achieved through hard work and teamwork. Proof, if it was needed, that greatness can truly be achieved if clan members come together and brave the hardships set forth by the realm.

Members were rewarded for their hard work and effort and encouraged to reap the profits from the clan store.

Yet this was just the beginning, as things are never truly over in this life. The stronghold is far from complete and now the clan must gather the remaining resources needed: lumber, iron, stone and silver.

Fortunately, we at the Chronicle have witnessed the greatness that can be achieved and don't doubt for a second that this great clan will find success.

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