Clans Seek Out Fresh Blood

Attrition is a fact of war. All clans must deal with this threat to their survival, and thus must always be on the search for new brothers in arms. The survival of their clan may just depend upon it.

As Old Heroes Fall, New Ones Rise Up

All around the realm, clans are growing, prospering and flourishing. This is true in many cases and will continue to be so in the days ahead. On the other hand, there are those who are suffering in a constant state of warfare.

It is a fact of reality that clans suffer from fatigue, heroes fall in battle and never rise again, while new ones arrive on a daily basis to take up the banner of the fallen and strike out in revenge.

For this very reason, it is vital to all clans that they continue to recruit new, fresh blood into their ranks. They must continue to seek out allies in these dark times, to protect their communities and to grow the collective strength of their forces.

One place that clan leaders head to when seeking to bolster their ranks is the public forums. This center of communication is a place where leadership can inform free agent warriors about the merits of their clan and attempt to sway them to their cause.

Clans Bolster Forces

FR Krimers Recruiting

Jaguars Recruiting

Wolverines Recruiting

Yggdrasils Seige Recruiting

As seen from the images above, the Yggdrasil, Riaddal, Jaguars and FR Krimer clans are just a few of the many clans competing for much sought-after talent. 

Also, as seen above, no one Kingdom is isolated from this problem of having to constantly recruit new forces, and individuals of various nations and languages seek brethren that they can combine forces with.

Some are quite successful in their campaigns, while others are not so much. Those who best sell their clan as a welcoming, high-quality destination are clearly the ones who attract the most talent, while those who post very little information are typically ignored and overlooked due to a lack of interest.

This is not just a theory, as the comments of these two types of recruitment threads clearly show.

So ask yourself this, if you have not yet found a home in your Kingdom, or if your clan has recently suffered a major setback and fallen prey to the ruthlessness of war and you are looking for a new banner, what are you waiting for? Visit the forums today, sharpen your blade and find your new kin. They are waiting.

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